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Our photos

„You learn more about a road if you go along it
than all of the maps of the world"

(unknowed autho



On this page we gathered all of the photos, taken during our travels. Please take a look at them, so when you come to Vinišće, you will greet the Petrov family like you already know them, get a feeling of deja vu from the atmosphere of Vinišće  and move into your selected apartment with ease.

Looking at the photos will definitely make you take a walk in Trogir, go on a sightseeing tour in Split, take a trip to the Krka waterfalls, go swimming in the hidden bays, eat freshly picked figs, gaze at the centuries-old olive trees and want to just wait for a tour with Marins ship.

You are already wondering what new flavors can you try at a beachfront restaurant,  does a realy beautiful view of the mountain really open up in front of you, just as expected from the pictures.

One of our friend who has been several times in Vinišće, collected some of her favorite images and will gladly share them with you. By clicking on the bottom right picture you can see her photos.

The yoga class is already a returning guest of ours. Enjoy the pictures, "videos" which captures their experience.

We are sure that the images found here fell far short of the miracle that you're going to experience in reality. We already ask you to share your now favorite photos with us for a clearer picture about Vinišće from Petrov and the family for interested visitors.

Click the images to the right and get to know our photos.