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News and things to know

This page offers you some beneficial advice and some usefull information before your trip.
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  • Booking the number 2 apartment by the sea and information about the prices and the availability, can only be done on this contact.  Unfortunately we had an unpleasant event this year (a hungarian family left without paying in August).This is why the owner decided to make a few changes. Apologies to those, who will have a bit harder time booking. We wish a wonderful holiday to everyone!

Frane Petrov email: 

  • At the beginning of Marins street (right next to the seaside) opened a new restaurant called KONOBA PORAT. It might be easier finding us this way.
  • Apartment 1 and 2 in the big house are available from July 12. till the 20 2014! Call Laci!
  • About the available spots you can get more information here or contact us
  • Pilates in Vinišće

  • You are nearly there if you see this, but you should pull over for some photos!

  • Since 2012: group discounts in May
  • We’re building the new Yoga Center
  • We added a microwave to every apartment after guests asked for it. We also installed WiFi, but you’re not required to us it J
  • Read our guests feedback and when you’re done please share with us yours too. Thank you!
  • The forecast shows warm days coming from the beginning of June. Cool down in Vinišće with our ‘Spring’ discount. 3 nights only 30 €/person >>
  • Have you ever thought of visiting the different parts of the region with a bus. You can get to the nearby villages for a small portion of the parking fees. Is it possible for you to have a stress-free week?
  • You can take star-tours not only on land, but on water too. Vinišćes harbor offers an ideal watercraft for everyone, with or without a captain. You can visit nearby islands by boat.

  • This map might help you navigate

  • You can’t pass currency exchange, so lets do it right! Kuna exchange rate
  • You’ll need this link, if you are not coming in the summer, because it’s true about Vinišće, that it’s warm and the sun is shining in the summer.
  • What is the temperature of the sea?
  • What should I take with me? Here is one website with prices and here is an other one
  • If you’d like to rest on the way here.
  • Lets learn some croation! A few word and some polite expressions can make you’re day
  • Take a walk in Trogir (15 wonderful panorama photos) in Sibenik (7 wonderful panorama photos), In Split (18 wonderful panorama photos). After the photos of Krka, you’ll want to travel there.

  • It’s hard finding a good parking spot in Trogir, but if you follow this map and park your car at the first possible place you’ll only have to walk over a bridge and you’ll be able to feast your eyes on the beauty of Old Town.