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Fort he journey

We advise you to visit come to this page the day before you leave, because we constantly update it. We share any information here that can help you packing the things that are important, not the unnecessary stuff.  Don’t leave your open-mindedness, your childish curiosity or your wonderment skills at home. If you have these with you, having a blast on your holiday is guaranteed. A few other belongings, diving goggles, sunscreen, hat and you are ready to lock your suitcase.  Take out your map, hit the GPS coordinates (longitude 43.4899, 16.1078 W) and turn south!

The map provides detailed information about the route, the optimal resting placesa nd the must-see sights along the way.
There is no need for asking for help, or searching for the place, just look at the map below:

Vinisce, Marin Petrov Apartments
At the start of the street opened a restaurant called KONOBA PORAT. It might be easier to find it this way

Fuel prices and tolls:

Prices may vary at the different gas stations, so it is worth to keep the prices in mind for the best choice. Since the A1 motorway opened, the Adriatic Sea is within arm's reach, only a few hours of driving to the beach. The sticker is not cheap  but it makes up for it in time and distance. The nearest exit to Vinišće is the Prgomet Exit, but if you prefer to see the sea for the last bit of the trip, you can also exit at Sibenik. Only choose this if you are in no rush, since you can’t go that fast on the coastal road. In any case, it should be expected that in the main season, on weekends and at the beginning of the great European holidays the motorway and especially in the tunnels, traffic jams will occur. You should take this into consideration when planning your departure.

Food and Dining:

Be sure not to leave out a meal, at one of the seaside restaurants, where you can taste the local specialties with inimitable atmosphere. This will cost you 8 euros per person, but you’ll have an experience unlike any other.


You can take a walk in Trogir, the Dalmatian city of Venice or in Split, the Roman era like city.  Dubrovnik and Makarska offers a great trip for a day, but if you want to see more of the wonders of nature, you can take a look at Krka waterfalls. Sibenik, Primosten, Rogoznica or the Kornati islands are all unique experiences, just have time for it all, in the short time you are here.

You won’t be bored, even if you stay in Vinišće, because you can find a small miracle every moment. Be sure not to miss out the Petrov family boat trip to the islands and bays, that civilization has left almost untouched.

If you have the time, we strongly advise you to plan a two day trip here or back, so you can visit the Plitvice lakes. You will be richer with an indescribable experience.

No worries if you missed a planned trip, didn’t see all the street of Trogir or Split, or missed some of the attractions in Dubrovnik, because you will come back next year!