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Reasons to come Vinišće

Split region, Dalmatia

We found a village called Vinišće, in a beautiful and calm bay near Trogir, 10 years ago. Time slows down here, endless harmony fuels our body and soul. The seas unbelievable blue color, the surrounding green hills bring back a nearly forgotten feeling of being part of the world and connecting to nature.

If you are looking for refreshing, body-mind rejuvenation if you want experiences that can affect your entire year, look no further, come with us to Vinišće to the Petrov family. If you want to decide, when you d like to come, Vinisce is the answer.

petrov_csaladIf you feel like resting as soon as you can after hours and hours of driving, visit the Petrov family. Here you can occupy your accommodation till noon.
We, who experience this wonder, would like you to be part of it. Get in contact with us and we’ll answer your every question.